We help community enterprises get started


Community enterprise is a great way to solve local problems and create local benefits.

But a lack of experience, confidence and finance can make getting going difficult - that’s where Localised can help.

We provide practical support by…

  1. Being a joint venture partner in new initiatives, or,

  2. Providing business development support as consultants

Localised is owned by the Community Enterprise Network Trust (CENT), the organisation behind the Zero Waste Network.

The Zero Waste Network has over 50 community enterprise members working in the resource recovery sector throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, many of whom are the result of joint ventures between experienced practitioners, and local partners, working together to create sustainable community enterprises.

Localised builds on this experience and provides a specialist service to support community enterprises get established.


“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”


Anna Lappe

Localised is a business, not a charity. That means we are only able to get involved in ventures from which we can recover any investment we make, or be paid for our time.

Relationships and values aligning is key. If what we can offer, fits with what you need, then we will build up the best team possible to ensure the venture is a success, and you get the support you need.

We are continually scouting for opportunities so the first step is to have a chat with us about your situation and we’ll go from there

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